Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer time fun!

It's been great having mommy & daddy home for the summer. We've been having some type of adventure every day! Last week mommy & daddy did a lot of work at the trailer so I got to run around the yard. I LOVE the yard at the trailer. The grass is so fun to play in and there are lots of great smells. 

Last night mommy & daddy took me to Lena Pt. and we had a fire. I sniffed around and played on the beach for hours! Then I curled up in mommy's lap while she read by the fire. 

Mommy told me that on Sunday I'm going to Aunt Molly's house while she is in Anchorage and daddy works on the floors. I'll be sad to leave them but I'll have soooo much fun with Aunt Molly! She takes me on lots of adventures and gives me treats when I do tricks! 

It's been a great summer so far! 

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