Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back with the Fish people

This week mommy went to Anchorage to visit my cousins.  While she is gone, daddy is refinishing our floors, so I am hanging out with Aunt Molly and Uncle Bob.  It's been pretty fun so far.  I've been posing for pictures, and getting lots of love.

They have this lady named Marlys staying with them.  She tried not to like me, but lets face it, I am too adorable to not love.  Today she cleaned up my poop, feed me and covered me up with a blanky.  I've got her right where I want her.

On Sunday Aunt Molly, Uncle Bob and I went out to False Outer Point.  Uncle Bob fished and Aunt Molly and I cooked hot dogs over the fire.  I snuggled up on Aunt Molly's lap and we took a little nap.

Uncle Bob and I also get some quiet time together.  We snuggle up and watch some tv.  When we got home on Sunday, I knew Uncle Bob had some yummy pig ears in his pocket.  Aunt Molly said they were for when they have to leave me for a bit each day, but Uncle Bob couldn't resist, he had to give me one.  They are so good, I love that guy.

I do like spending some time with Aunt Molly and Uncle Bob, but I miss my parents oh, so much.  Can't wait to be home with them and Linus. 

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  1. So glad you had a good time with Uncle Bob and Aunt Molly. I always know you will be spoiled when I leave you with them.
    <3 Mommy