Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Halloween!

Mommy and Daddy were dumb enough to leave a bag of dum-dums on the bench this morning. I dug and dug, tore and tore, chewed and chewed my way through the bag just so I could enjoy a few suckers. Don't people know that dogs like halloween candy too?

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I LOVE my aunt Molly. She always gives me lots of loves and attention (and she says she not a dog person...). Molly came over for a few minutes tonight before her and Mommy went to their belly-dancing class. I'm not sure what belly-dancing is but I'm really glad she came over for a little while!

Bath Time!

Um, I had a little too much fun on my hike with Elsi up Salmon Creek. I managed to find some bear poop that I could roll in. My mommy was so mad when we got to the car. When we got home she told me to go straight to the tub and I could tell she was not in the mood to mess around.
She washed me down pretty good then snuggled with me and told me I was too cute to be mad at.

My new friend, Elsi....

I have a new friend named Elsi. She is white with brown spots like me but she's much bigger and can run REALLY fast! She likes to put the smack down and try to dominate me. I put up with it for a while but when she starts annoying me I break out the Rosco-growl and put her in her place. I'll ask mommy to take a picture of us together.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Tricks!

Last night I learned some new tricks! I've been practicing standing on my back legs and I'm doing great! My leg muscles are getting so strong. Mommy & Daddy think that soon I'll be able to stand up straight when I beg for food instead of sitting on my butt!

I'm also learning to dance. Daddy and I danced a little last night and it's so fun! I like spinning and leaping in the air. Aunt Molly, can I go to the next dance at DZ??

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm hijacking your blog, dog!

It's always all about you! You're soooo cute, you're sooooo smart, you're soooooo lovable!!! I get tired of hearing mommy & daddy talk about how woooonderful you are. I'm cute too! I'm smart too! I'm lovable TOOO! So, I've hijacked your little blog and have a few things to tell your readers about Linus!!!
1. Mommy fell in love with me as soon as she saw me at the humane society.
2. I drool when I'm happy.
3. I love to sleep!
4. Christmas is my favorite holiday.



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friends RoCk!

I love it when mommy and daddy invite their friends over to our house. Their friends always get so excited about the little tricks that I can do. I do this cute little trick where I sit on my bottom and beg for food. People think it's hilarious and sometimes they'll even give me their people food! Last night when Katrina and Darren were over I got a little bit of people cheesecake and lots and lots of pets and loves. I hope they come back to visit me soon.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh, Nick....

Oh Nick...I think I'm in love...
You must have fallen from heaven above....
We had our time, we had our place...
I want to lick your salty face....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Airport Trail

Today was Grammy Pam's last day in town. She took me to the Airport Trail and I met so many new dog friends! I stopped and smelled all the new smells and ran really fast!
Mommy kept trying to get me to pose with Grammy Pam for pictures but I was too busy playing. Mommy needs to quit taking so many pictures and learn how to get her paws dirty!


All I think about is food! I've been trying to get Grammy Pam to give me some people food but she hasn't yet! I've done all my tricks and begged as hard as I could but Mommy keeps telling her "no".

FINALLY, mommy said she could share some of her sausage with me. I LOVE SAUSAGE!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


They're not sure why I do it....
They just know that I do....
I love giving Daddy licks....
On his face...
On his back....
Pretty much, anywhere....
It's my way of showing him love....
It's my way of showing him I care...

Grammy Pam is here!

Grammy Pam came to visit us on Wednesday night. I was so excited when we pulled up to the airport and saw her walking towards the car! I started whining and wagging my nub as fast as it would go!

She went to school with Mom & Dad and Thursday and Friday so I was still alone during the day. It wasn't that bad though because when they got home they'd take me for long walks at Twin Lakes.

Grammy has already tried giving lots of food! She wanted to give me a handful of my potty treats...usually I only get one when I come in from going potty, but she didn't think that was enough! Mommy said, "NO, he only gets ONE!." Bummer for me.... THEN, Grammy was going to feed me dinner right after Mom had fed me! I ate my food so quickly Grammy didn't think I'd been fed! Too bad she double checked with Mommy...I could have gotten second-dinzees!
Last night we just hung out and watched a movie. I love snuggling up with Grammy and getting lots of pets from her. I hope she stays for a really long time =)