Saturday, October 3, 2009

Grammy Pam is here!

Grammy Pam came to visit us on Wednesday night. I was so excited when we pulled up to the airport and saw her walking towards the car! I started whining and wagging my nub as fast as it would go!

She went to school with Mom & Dad and Thursday and Friday so I was still alone during the day. It wasn't that bad though because when they got home they'd take me for long walks at Twin Lakes.

Grammy has already tried giving lots of food! She wanted to give me a handful of my potty treats...usually I only get one when I come in from going potty, but she didn't think that was enough! Mommy said, "NO, he only gets ONE!." Bummer for me.... THEN, Grammy was going to feed me dinner right after Mom had fed me! I ate my food so quickly Grammy didn't think I'd been fed! Too bad she double checked with Mommy...I could have gotten second-dinzees!
Last night we just hung out and watched a movie. I love snuggling up with Grammy and getting lots of pets from her. I hope she stays for a really long time =)

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