Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My first time in Tenakee!

I've been really busy over the last couple of weeks and have been having SO many adventures! As you know I spent last week with Aunt Molly and Uncle Bob. They loved me and spoiled me like crazy. I always have fun with them.
When I got home daddy and grandpa left for Las Vegas. I sure did miss them but mommy took me for a lot of walks with my new friend Ruby. Ruby is a pup and she has A LOT of energy. She's fun to play with but sometimes it's hard for me to keep up with her.
On Friday mommy woke me up early and told me we were taking the ferry to Tenakee. Mommy goes there a lot but I had never been. She said there would be lots of doggies to play with and so many new scents for me to sniff.
I didn't really like having to ride on the ferry but I LOVED Tenakee. Mommy took me down to the beach so I could sniff and there were lots of great smells (just like she promised!). She and Aunt Stephie took me berry picking one day and I explored the woods. I was really good not to wander too far away from them because I know mommy doesn't like that.
It was pretty hot while I was there so mommy and I laid out on the porch and soaked up the sun. I really liked Tenakee and hope I get to go back soon!

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