Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello world! I'm back!!!

It's been forever since I've blogged by this summer I'm going to try much harder to keep the world updated! We've been having a great summer so far! Mommy and daddy take me out for walks every night even though it's been pretty rainy here lately. I've also been getting to go over to the trailer where there is a nice grass yard and I RUN, RUN, RUN!!! It's so much fun! 

I've learned a few new tricks recently and am hoping daddy will record me so that I can put it on my blog. I want to show the world what I've been up to lately! 

Mommy and daddy have been tricking me with my treats lately. They put regular ol' dog food in my treat bowl but I'm still pretty excited to get food after I go outside to pee. 

Next month I get to stay with Aunt Molly for a little while. Mommy is going to Anchorage and daddy is fixing our floors. I can't wait to go live with Aunt Molly! She always spoils me and takes me fun places. 

<3 Rosco

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