Wednesday, July 15, 2009

People keep coming to my house!

Wow, after a few days with Grammy Pam all these other people show up! I have no idea who they are but Mommy tells me that it's my Great Grammy, Cousin Jessica and her husband Michael. They're really nice and Great Grammy tried giving me chocolate tonight. Too bad Grammy Pam told her to stop. I was so close to some yummy chocolate!
Mommy says she's taking all these people to Skagway tomorrow and is leaving me again. Mommy seems to leave a lot lately. I wonder if it's because I'm starting to smell funny.
I think I smell funny because Aunt Molly tried giving me a bath the other day. Aunt Molly didn't really know how to do it but she wanted me to smell nice for Mommy & Daddy. I got in the shower but it didn't feel like the shower I have at home. Aunt Molly tried putting soap on me but it didn't smell like the soap I use at home. Soooooo, I decided I would end my shower. =)

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