Friday, July 17, 2009

Mommy's home!

Mommy came home from Skagway! I was sooo happy to have her back. Although, while she was gone Daddy and I ate a lot of pizza, pizza rolls and pizza pockets. Daddy always makes sure I get people food when Mommy's gone.
I'm not really sure why but Mommy and Daddy are sleeping on their mattress pads in the guest bedroom. It's not very soft and cozy in there so last night I snuck out. I started off in the main bedroom where Grammy and Great Grammy were sleeping. I curled up with them on the comfy bed but they didn't snuggle like Mommy & Daddy do. Next, I went to visit Jess & Michael. They were pretty comfortable to sleep with and they'd even pet me a little but they didn't snuggle like Mommy & Daddy either! Finally, I went back into the guest room, nestled together a little bit of blanket and snuggled in between Mommy and Daddy. They're definitely the best snugglers ever!

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