Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I have no idea what it is but my parents keep talking about Labor Day weekend. All I know is that I have been on way too many walks this weekend. Yesterday, my mommy and daddy took me to Dredge Lakes for a walk AFTER I'd already walked with my friends Erin, Noah and Logan.

Then today Daddy dropped us off at Fred Meyers and we walked out to the school to meet him. My little legs could barely keep up with my Mom!

When we finally went home I thought I could sleep the rest of the day. HOWEVER, mommy and daddy got this crazy idea to walk the new Auke Lake trail. It was a really nice trail and I had fun while we were there but I'm EXHAUSTED!!!! When will they stop with all the walks?? Thank goodness they go back to school tomorrow so I can have some peace and quiet!!!

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