Friday, December 9, 2011

Instructions for Aunt Molly

Dear Aunt Molly,
I can't wait to come live with you for a few days! Mommy said I should write to you and remind you what I like and tell you all about my routines. I've been a little bit of a punk at home so Mommy hopes I'm good for you and Uncle Bob.

*Please feed me a little scoop of dry food in the morning and a scoop of dry food mixed with wet food at night. (Feel free to have Uncle Bob drop food on the kitchen floor while cooking. :-) )
*When I come inside from going potty I get a little treat. You can also tell me "door" and I'll close the door behind us ;-)
* Mommy will bring my kennel and you can put me in there whenever you need to. I haven't been in there for a while so I might whine but just ignore me.

If I think of anything else I'll be sure to write you again.

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  1. Dear Rosco,
    Uncle Bob and I are so excited for you to come and spend time with us. We can't wait to give you lots of cuddle and play time.

    *We won't forget to feed you and you can have any food dropped on the floor, but remember last time when you got to the hot pepper before Uncle Bob could clean it up you didn't feel so good afterwards. So maybe pass on any of those this visit.
    *I can't wait to see you close the door!

    We are really excited to have you come and visit and will take excellent care of you while your mommy and daddy are away.

    Love, Aunt Molly and Uncle Bob