Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I miss Aunt Molly

So, I've been a real slacker about blogging. It seems I've gotten lazy lately but am determined to turn over a new leaf. I'm going to take more pictures, spend more time blogging and EXERCISE!!!!
Daddy took me to the vet on Friday (I'm ok, just a little fatty growth thing on my leg that will eventually have to be removed but all is good right now) and the Vet said I was FAT!!! Now, there was a time when Mommy and Daddy would've gotten mad and defended me by reminding the Vet that I am part BEAGLE!!! But, I have put on a few extra and Mommy and Daddy are always getting after Grandpa about giving me treats (oooooh, I LOOOOOVE grandpa!!!)
 I've been put on a pretty strict diet and mommy and daddy have been giving me a walk almost every night. I have to stay on my leash because Mommy read somewhere that I get more of a workout that way.
I wish Aunt Molly was in town so she could take me down to Sandy Beach where I could run free and sniff all the other dogs! Hurry home Aunt Molly!

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