Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An afternoon at the beach

Today my Aunt Molly stopped by to take me to the beach.  She finally had some time to spend with me, boy that other "Dog" sure does keep her busy.  First she took me to her house and while she ate lunch I found a few treats for me under her coach.  Then we walked to Sandy Beach.  There were lots of dogs with their people.  I got a little whiney because I wanted to play with all of them.

 I did get to a little, but boy do those big dogs like to sniff me and sometimes it freaks me out and Aunt Molly too!  So Aunt Molly and I laid in the sand, I did a little digging and we just enjoyed the view.

Afterwards she took me home and I bolted out of the truck and started sniffin' like a crazy dog.  I had fun at the beach, but it sure is nice to be back home with my Grandpa Terry.

PS Daddy, win us some money so you can buy me lots of doggy treats!  I am all out!!!

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