Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sorry I haven't written...

Mommy & Daddy have been having fun playing with me. They think it's cute to tie things around my head and make me look like a girl. It's not very nice and I don't like it at all! BUT, they have started playing a new game with me called "fishing for Roscos." They've made a little fishing pole and tied a toy mouse to the end of the string. They throw it out and watch me chase after it. As soon as I catch it they yell, "Rosco on! Rosco on!". I play this game until they're worried that my heart might explode and they make me stop.

Mommy & Daddy have also been talking about getting me a sister. They've been looking at Jack Russel/Beagles on the internet and daddy found one that he thinks would be perfect for our family. Her name is Diana and she has lots of energy and loves to run! We can't get her until we sell our condo so I hope we hurry up and find a buyer for this place!!!

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