Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I love winter break!

Wow, we've had so many adventures while mommy & daddy have been home! It's been fun hanging out with them this last week. I can't believe I have another week with them here at home all day! YES!

Over break I've learned a new trick. It's called the popcorn trick. Daddy taught me how to hold a piece of popcorn on my nose and then flip it in the air and eat it. My parents are pretty impressed that I can wait so long without eating the popcorn.

Today Dude had to go to the vet for her shots. I was worried that my parents were sending her home. Thank goodness they weren't! We're just starting to be friends! Next week I get to go to the Vet with Dude so I can get my shots. What an adventure that will be!

Tonight was boy's night. My friend Paul came over and played with me for a bit. We ordered pizza and I got to clean out the box. YUMMY!

P.S. Grampy~Dude's doing well. She's been sleeping most of the day but is eating and drinking just fine. Doesn't seem to be sick at all. Mommy & Daddy keep talking about how well she did at the Vet's today. Apparently, they're pretty impressed at how mellow she was with the doctor and how snuggly she was with them after her shots. She's not so bad for a cat...dogs are still way cooler, though.

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