Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sundays are the best...

Sundays are starting to have their own routine at our house. We wake up and snuggle while mommy drinks coffee and reads the news online. After that she starts some laundry. I LOVE laundry days because right after the clothes come out of the drier mom throws them on the bed so that I can snuggle in them. There is NOTHING better that burrowing down into clean warm clothes. After that we usually go for an afternoon walk or drive. Today we walked down to Twin Lakes. My mom let me off my leash and I ran in circles as fast as I could. There were so many new smells I couldn't take them all in at once!

Mom usually talks to grammy Pam on Sundays, too. This Sunday I found out that my cat-friend, Dude is coming to visit on Tuesday. She's staying for a few months while grammy & grampy travel for the winter. I wonder if she'll play with me and chase me all over the house.

What a great Sunday...I'm not ready for my parents to go back to work tomorrow. It's so nice having them at home with me.

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