Saturday, June 20, 2009

My thoughts of Day 1

I am starting to figure out that my parents went to a place called Australia. I am not sure what's there that they wanted to see, but I hope they'll be back soon. For now it seems I am staying with my aunt and uncle. I'm not sure what my parents were thinking, these people only have fish, swimming around in a tank. They have no idea how to take care of a dog. I have also heard that their fish get "replaced" alot and this usually happens when my aunt is home alone with them. Yikes!
Today I went with my aunt to work. She brought my kennel and I hung-out in the back of the truck while she worked. She came to check on me and even took me for a walk in the park. I am not sure how I feel about being downtown. There's lots of noises that I am not used to and they make me a little nervous.
After my auntie got off work we went and got my parents car. It was a little confusing at first, but it smelled like home. I think we're going to keep the car around, maybe I'll go hang-out in it when I am missing my parents.
It was hard to fall asleep when it was time for bed. My auntie and I slept on the coach last night, but it got a little cramped at times. Tonight we curled up in sleeping bags on the floor in the bedroom, but we just couldn't sleep. Plus Uncle Bob and Steven were talking and we could hear them. Finally auntie told Uncle Bob that she was tired, could hear them talking, which was keeping us up and that she and I were getting on the bed.

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