Friday, September 16, 2011

My first surgery

  I've had a growth on my leg for a few months and it just keeps getting bigger. It wasn't hurting but Mommy and Daddy were worried about it and my skin was starting to look red and stretched. Mommy scheduled my surgery and on Thursday morning they took me to the vet. I was pretty whiney when I went there but the doctors took really good care of me.
My vet was nice and he called mommy during my surgery to tell her that I was doing well but they'd found another lump in my tummy. He removed both lumps, cleaned my teeth and trimmed my nails. When I woke up he gave me lots of pets and a little treat to eat. Mommy came to pick me up and listened to the vet tell her about my surgery. He said the lump on my leg looked weird and he wanted to have it checked to make sure it wasn't cancerous. Mommy and daddy will get the results soon. 
Mommy and Daddy laugh everytime they look at me and my cone. They say I look ridiculous and they find it hilarious whenever I bump into thing. They told me they'd take off this stupid cone if I promised not to chew my leg. It's so nice having this thing off! I havent been chewing my leg but when they go to work they put this darn cone back on. I can't wait to get these stitches out....two weeks to go....the countdown is on.

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