Monday, December 27, 2010

I love this thing called Christmas!

Whatever this Christmas thing is that humans celebrate I sure do love it! On Christmas Eve my Aunt Molly came over and gave me a present. It was a PIG SNOUT and boy was it delicious! It tasted so crispy and delicious I couldn't help but wolf it right down! I feel bad because I know she wanted to pet and love on me but all I could think about was eating that snout! Ahhh, thank you Molly!
Later that night my family opened their presents and I opened mine. Mommy & Daddy bought me a new Chicken Bird because I've destroyed my other ones. Chicken Bird is the best toy ever invented! I love it!

Later that night mommy took me for a walk at Twin Lakes. I hadn't been out for awhile so it was fun to run and play. There wasn't anyone else on the trail so mommy let me off my leash and I ran so fast in the snow!!!

I also got lots of yummy treats to eat...Baby Chance sent me a big ol' bag of yummie chummies but mommy won't let me open them until I finish my jerkey treats. I really do love this Christmas thing!

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