Thursday, May 6, 2010

what's wrong with my Linus friend??

Linus came home LATE Monday night and slept in my kennel all day. When Daddy came home from work on Tuesday he noticed that Linus was having a hard time walking and couldn't jump up to get his food. He was worried but didn't know what to do. He told me "we need mommy...she always knows how to take care of us." So, when mommy came home from her jewelry making class she checked on Linus and then called the vet.
Mommy & Daddy rushed Linus to the vet and I was very confused. What was wrong with him? Was my friend going to come back home? Linus NEVER goes to the vet! I hoped everything was ok.
When Mommy & Daddy came back home they told me that Linus had a puncture wound in his paw and that I'd have to be gentle with him for a couple of weeks. They put him in my kennel so he could have some quiet time and fed him dinner. I hope he gets better soon so we can play again!!!

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