Friday, February 19, 2010

New frisbee!

Here's the toy I've been loving lately. It's the lid from a sour cream container but daddy thought it'd make a great frisbee for me! He was right, it's light and I LOVE to chase after it! Happy Friday! Hope you have your own favorite toy to play with this weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just hangin' out...

We've been laying low and hanging out lately. Mommy & daddy have been gone a lot so we just sleep, relax and snuggle in our warm and cozy home. Mommy got a new sweatshirt for her birthday and I love it as much as she does. I love it because it's snuggly.......she loves the thumbholes....

Monday, February 15, 2010

it's been awhile

This dog's life has been pretty lame over the last week and there hasn't been much to blog about. Aunt Molly was busy with meetings and left town for a wedding so we did very little walking. Mommy tried to take me for walks but we both agree that it's pretty boring when there's no one to talk to. 
This weekend was pretty fun. I went for a walk with my Carriker friends and met some other dogs and a little boy who liked petting me. I sniffed his nose and he giggled a lot. 
On Sunday I went for a drive and out to the ball field to run around. It was really windy out there so I went crazy with all the new smells. 
I was told that today is something called "President's Day". Lots of people get to stay home from work and snuggle with their dogs but not MY parents...they have to work. So here I am...alone on President's Day...Booooo! I think I'll go chase the cats!  Ruff Ruff!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

my mom is crazy

My mother is crazy! I know this...Daddy knows this...but I'm not sure that mommy has figured it out yet! Today she came home and was so excited to see me. She gave me lots of loves and then she and daddy took me out for a little drive. The drive was fun and I liked listening to them sing in the car.
However, when we got to our walking spot mommy made me sit next to this dog picture and she took lots of pictures of me. She kept saying how "stinkin' cute" I was...Get a life mom!!! BUT, after looking at the pictures I've gotta say...she's right, I am cute!